Char Kaye Miller

People Strategist

CompTeam - Talent Management Consultant

Rocky Mountain Health Advocates - Owner/CHRO

HR with a Heart - Career Transformation Coach

What Char Kaye Miller can do for your company ?

Retain your Key Talent

We have helped companies save over $10 million in hiring, onboarding, development, and lost productivity costs.

Attract the Best Employees

It takes an average of 42 days and $4,000 to hire the right person. This is quite an investment.

CompTeam will help your recruiters and managers identify the unique skills that keep your workforce happy and performing.

Increase Performance

The right mix of monetary and recognition programs has increased workforce productivity, focus and satisfaction for our clients. Our clients have benefited from a 330% increase in performance as a result of a new sales plan implementation.

More Effective Processes

Many of our clients have saved over 3% on their pay budgets by implementing a compensation strategy and improving their pay structures.

These savings are often millions a year!

Happier Employees

Your workforce deserves to be happy and your productivity can increase as much as 20% as a result.

Our Total Rewards Diagnosis is the first step to achieving a happy workforce. The programs we create together are the solution.

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Char Kaye Miller

A healthy company starts at the top!

We help organizations achieve company mission, vision, and goals with the best talent!  We also offer career and life transformation leadership and executive coaching for those that need a change in their professional and personal lives.  

Char Miller, MA offers strategic business consulting in talent management, organizational development, performance effectiveness, human capital management, employee engagement, wellness, executive leadership, training and development, and cultural assessment in partnership with